Schedule of Events: Friday, February 13th

9:00–10:30am     Registration & Coffee Reception (Collier House)

10:30–11:30am     Education & Community (Collier 101), Phyllis Paul, Chair

  • Sarah Van Dusen (University of Colorado, Boulder): “Come for the Music, Stay for the People: A Case Study of Two Community Musicians”
  • Andrew D’Antonio (University of Massachusetts, Amherst): “More than a Virtuoso: Erwin Bodky’s New Approach to Higher Music Education in the United States”

11:30–1:30pm     Lunch Break

1:30–3:30pm     Theory & Analysis of 20th- and 21st-Century Music (Collier 101), Jack Boss, Chair

  • John Shields (University of Oregon): “Dissonance Within Discordance: The Influence of Equal Temperament on the Aesthetic Evaluation of Second Viennese Atonality”
  • Michael Rogers (University of North Texas): “Chord-Scale Usage as Compositional Method in Jazz: Scalar Application Types in the Music of Thad Jones”
  • Daniel Thompson (Florida State University): “Tempo Disruptions in the Music of the White Stripes”
  • Robert Komaniecki (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis): “Untexted Vocal Hooks” in Popular Music: A Brief History and Typology”

3:45–4:45pm     Transmission of Cultural Identities (Collier 101)

  • Qingfan Jiang (Columbia University): “From Barbaric Tune to Origin of All Ancient Musical Systems: Chinese Music in France 1735–1791”
  • Megan Quilliam (University of Colorado, Boulder): “Indicators of Cultural Identity in the Art Music of the South African Diaspora: Two Case Studies from Germany and the United States”

5:00–7:00pm     Dinner Break

7:00–9:00pm     Lecture-Recital: Large Ensembles (Aasen-Hull Hall, Frohnmayer Music Building Room 190)

  • Christopher S. Prosser (University of Texas at Austin), Water-shot (Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello)
  • Andrew A. Watts (Stanford University), Man With a Black Bag (Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano)
  • Laura Schwartz (Illinois State University), Snow, from Weather Systems (Piccolo/Flute, Bass Clarinet/Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Piano)

Schedule of Events: Saturday, February 14th

9:00–10:00am     Registration and Coffee Reception (Collier House)

10:00–11:30am     Conceptions of Form (Collier 103), Stephen Rodgers, Chair

  • Mark Rockwood (University of Oregon): “Decelerated Medial Caesuras – An Analysis”
  • Anna Rose Nelson (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities): “Functional Anomalies?: Content as Form in Beethoven’s String Trio op. 9 no. 3, Movement I in C minor”
  • Muhammad Taufik (University of British Columbia): “Verse, Pre-Chorus, or Chorus? -Transformations of Formal Function in EDM Remixes of Popular Songs”

11:30–1:30pm     Lunch Break

1:30–2:30pm     Performance and Identity (Collier 103), Sam Golter, Chair

  • Antares Boyle (University of British Columbia): “Performed Expression and the Work Identity:Two Expert Recordings of Salvatore Sciarrino’s Canzona di Ringraziamento”
  • Kate Rogers (Case Western Reserve University): “‘Big Trouble in Little Mangina’: Peaches and Her Appropriation of Rap Masculinity in ‘Billionaire’ (2009)”

2:30–3:45pm     Keynote Address (Collier 101)

4:00–5:00pm     Lecture-Recital: Chamber Ensembles (Collier 101)

  • Andersen Viana (Clovis Salgado Foundation), Fantasieta (Solo Contrabass)
  • Daniel Fawcett (New York University), Cadenza Prior to a Revolution (Cello and Piano)
  • Sam Krahn (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Fluidity as Riddle (String Quartet)

5:00pm     Reception (Collier 103)

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